“Sparta, Rome, the knights of Europe, the samurai… worshipped strength.

Because it is strength that makes all other values possible.” (Enter the Dragon)


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Should You Train Your Slow Fibers?
Franz Snideman, Senior SFG, a 10.7sec 100m sprinter

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman   Slow twitch fibers got a bad rep in the power world.  Slower, weaker… what self-respecting lifter or wrestler would want to train them?  Yet cutting edge Russian research tells us that every type of athlete, … Continue reading

Okinawan strength: Developing the “Iron Body”
Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 7.22.03 AM

By Stuart McGill, PhD     Strength is context specific – to remain immovable, to be resilient to blows and forces, and to lift and handle large loads with low risk of injury require a specific type of strength. The … Continue reading

The Raider Project

By Mike Connelly, SFG II     Part 1 The Marine Corps is the most feared and respected fighting force on the planet.  The storied history of the Corps is a seemingly endless report of instances of honor, courage, and … Continue reading

From Simple to Sinister
square_SS copy

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman     A couple of weeks ago Al Ciampa, SFG wrote an excellent blog entitled Where Do You Go After Simple.  In it he outlined a “serious endurance” swing protocol.  I strongly recommend it to those … Continue reading

An NFL Strength Coach’s Kettlebell Journey

By Jeff Fish     As we travel on our career paths, we will inevitably encounter events that can alter our course and lead us into direction we may never have seen coming. This evolution of a belief system, or … Continue reading

Balance…With Priorities

By Eric Frohardt, CEO     Often, we get too focused on ‘one thing.’  In my case, it’s usually work.  This approach works for a while, but if we don’t balance out the ‘one thing’, all the ‘other things’ in … Continue reading

Life, Big or Small

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman     People who live big have passion.  Those who live small subsist on emotion. A newspaper article promoting a new ‘Star Wars’ film caught my eye.  “Though less than 90 seconds long and offering only … Continue reading

The Pause Before a Press
Moment of my failed press test

By Taikei Matsushita, SFG II   I attended the SFG Level II in Budapest last year for re-certification.  As you know, the Level II has a military press requirement (for men, 1/2 bodyweight).  As my bodyweight increased, however, so did … Continue reading

What the Hell?!

By Eric Frohardt, CEO   I remember it very clearly. Somewhere in central Iraq, during my first ‘OP’ in country, I stopped in my tracks. “What the hell?” I had read about this phenomenon many times but was not sure … Continue reading

Where Do You Go After Simple?
Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 8.26.42 AM

By Al Ciampa, SFG   Over a year has passed, and you’ve reached the “simple” goal of Simple & Sinister.  You are a man or woman, who did not just survive <16min of swings and get-ups with your 32kg, or … Continue reading